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Our team provides traffic signal products with a focus on safety and reliability, plus technicians for install and support.


Through a partnership with EtherWAN, our team helps agencies design and implement traffic signal networks by deploying hardened switches, radios, and fiber optic communications.


Using computer vision and deep neural networks, GRIDSMART Detection identifies and tracks all moving objects at an intersection, improving signal operations for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Safety

Availed RRFBs provide enhanced vibility at pedestrian crossings. Utilizing an extremely simple design and easy-to-install hardware, Availed makes the most user-friendly pedestrian crossing system on the market.

Traffic Management

Leverage real-time data, intuitive dashboards, signal performance metrics, and automated response workflows to quickly respond to congestion or accidents on your roadways

Signal Analytics

Elevate your traffic signal analysis with intuitive signal performance metrics software. Using analytics dashboards, agencies gain access to intersection performance visualizations they can use to improve decision-making without manual traffic studies.

Congestion Reduction

Minimize total delay on your roadways by increasing the probability of green traffic signals when a driver arrives at an intersection. Adaptive signal control technology adjusts signal timings and improves traditional time-of-day coordination based on current, real demand.


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GRIDSMART Installation"


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