The GRIDSMART Detection System

GRIDSMART pioneered a new generation of intersection detection with the iconic bell camera, processor, and App. This solution is industry-known as the easiest detection system to install, program, and maintain.

GRIDSMART’s new Analytics, VRU capabilities, and wrong-way detection have transformed ITS technology.

System Components

GS3 Processor

With improved compute capacity, enhanced camera support, and a refreshed LED display, the GS3 processor is GRIDSMART’s next-generation system. The GS3’s computer vision engine detects, tracks, and classifies objects to improve intersection safety and efficiency, and is made for GRIDSMART’s FE3 and AC3 cameras.

FE3 Camera

GRIDSMART’s iconic bell camera is now equipped with HDR technology, providing an even better horizon-to-horizon image. Easy mounting systems have further simplified installations, reducing bucket truck time and increasing worker safety.


The GRIDSMART App acts as a mini TMC on your local computer, providing agencies access and visibility into their systems in the field, all in one place. Through the app, the system is programmed, detection is monitored, and engineers gain access to GRIDSMART’s signal performance measurement reports.

GRIDSMART is the easiest detection system to install and maintain. Each GRIDSMART comes with tools used by agencies around the world.

  • Single or Dual Bell Camera Detection
  • Up to Four Advanced Cameras
  • HDR Cameras
  • Occupancy Based Outputs
  • Center of Intersection Green/Red Extension Box
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Extension Zones
  • Pedestrian Actuation Zones
  • Three Year Warranty

GRIDSMART’s Performance+ Module is an advanced software package for agencies wanting the latest advanced features.

  • Signal Performance Measurements
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Counts
  • Bicycle Volume Counts
  • SPM Departure Pulse (developed for UDOT)
  • H.264 Live Video Stream
  • Video Stream Recording and Playback
  • System Alerts
  • Optional Cellular Connectivity

GRIDSMART is Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in the USA

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