EtherWAN Networking Solutions

EtherWAN is the market leader in ITS networking equipment: switches, radios, cell modems, and networking software. Our partnership specializes in ITS: providing IMSA-certified training, meeting NEMA standards, and working together during all stages of deployment.

Uniquely, EtherWAN

Project Involvement

Our team helps in every step of an ITS networking deployment. We have experience working ITS networking projects from the ground up: including network design, deployment, support, and live training. Involvement is flexible and designed to fit seamlessly into your plans to help you stay on track and gain connectivity.

Advanced Technology

EtherWAN packs advanced technology that makes the lives of traffic engineers and signal technicians easier. With EVue, ELite, and MINT networking software, switch programming that used to take hours, now takes minutes. Features such as POE Watchdog and EasyLink help agencies deploy faster with fewer trips to the field.

Hardened for ITS

EtherWAN’s hardened switches, power supplies, and SFPs are NEMA-rated and capable of handling the most extreme conditions experienced throughout the Mountain West. EtherWAN’s hardened switches boast an MTBF of over one million hours and are rated for temperatures from -40F to 167F.

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