Altitude Signal, LLC

Distributor of Advanced Traffic Signal and ITS Products

At Altitude Signal, we help public agencies deploy next-generation intelligent transportation systems from the ground up. By partnering with companies pushing our industry forward, our team works with signal shops and engineering departments across the Mountain West to deliver ITS solutions.

Our strategy focuses on providing industry-leading solutions including GRIDSMART detection systems, EtherWAN networking products, and SynchroGreen - a premier real-time Traffic Adaptive system. By deploying products like these, we help agencies deploy full-scale ITS solutions that reduce congestion, improve safety, and provide agencies with traffic analytics dashboards to show off improvements.

We are not just a product distributor, but a full-solution provider, helping agencies gain a 360-degree view of their traffic signal and ITS infrastructure. We are eager to help develop agency goals, as well as provide on-demand technical support, in-person product training, and turn-on assistance. Our Nevada and Colorado warehouses also stock many of our best-selling products, helping to reduce supply-chain headaches for agencies across the mountain west.

Despite much of the industry becoming private equity/internationally owned, Altitude Signal is owner-operated and based out of local offices in Nevada and Colorado. Dedicated to providing a great customer experience, we stay local to our favorite place: the Mountain West. From the Sierra Nevadas to the Rockies, we live, work, and play in the mountains, keeping our operations local to Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

We are thrilled with the growth we have experienced and the new agencies we have helped every year since our founding.  Reach out to our team and we can help your agency succeed next!

Your Local Traffic Signal Specialists


Alec Meyerhoff
Idaho and Montana


Alex Cuddy
Nevada and Utah

Chris Trujillo
Colorado and Wyoming