GRIDSMART Intersection Detection

GRIDSMART pioneered the world’s first single-camera solution for intersection detection, data collection, and situational awareness. GRIDSMART is the world's simplest detection system to install and maintain - a single wire and camera requires less time over the road, providing the best detection solution for both Traffic Engineers and Signal Technicians. The GRIDSMART Solution tracks all road users, including bicycles and pedestrians, as they enter, travel through, and exit the intersection, extending clearance times to accommodate each traveler's unique needs.  GRIDSMART's Performance+ Module takes this data and provides intuitive reporting, allowing analysis of roadway usage and corridor performance.

EtherWAN Networking Solutions

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of hardened Ethernet, PoE, and fiber connectivity products specifically designed for harsh and demanding environments. EtherWAN focuses its sales and support on two industries: security and ITS. This approach can be seen throughout their products-line and support, including their extensive catalog of hardened equipment, features, software, and their online training partnership with IMSA. EtherWAN also has a team of ITS professionals who regularly work with agencies to help improve their network designs ensuring a high level of redundancy, segmentation, and reliability.

Traffic Signal Cabinets

Thousands of communities worldwide utilize Trafficware Traffic Signal Cabinets to safely house traffic signal equipment and accessories. We offer a complete line of cabinets that comply with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) TS1 and TS2, ATC, and CalTrans traffic control cabinet standards. All cabinets undergo exhaustive testing prior to shipping, ensuring they meet the most stringent operational standards.

Altitude Signal stocks standard NEMA TS2 cabinets in Carson City to reduce lead times for agencies across the state. Our team are experts in configuring and deploying these NEMA TS2 cabinets, used by agencies across Northern Nevada.

Commander Shelf Mount TS2-T1

Traffic Signal Controllers

The Trafficware Commander is a compact traffic signal controller designed based on the latest ATC standards. The Commander has a shelf-mount or rack-mount configuration and supports all modern cabinet types. Commanders are loaded with the latest Scout controller software which allows engineers to operate even the most complex, multimodal signalized intersections. Scout supports NTCIP, CV2X, TSP , and ATC cabinets with expanded parameters.  Scout also includes a user-friendly web interface allowing TOC operators to access the front screen of the controller from their desks.

Availed RRFBs

Availed solar-powered pedestrian safety systems provide enhanced visibility at pedestrian crossings. Purpose-built from the ground up, the AV-400 has raised the bar for RRFBs. Every aspect of the system design from the controller to the mounting brackets incorporates features to minimize installation time and expense. Availed even custom-designed their mounting brackets to be universal - compatible with both telespar and round poel types.

Availed's system uses high-efficiency LED modules and an ultra-low power purpose-built controller to deliver dependable year-after-year operation. Availed's lightbars have a high-intensity light output that exceeds MUTCD requirements by up to five times and come with a five-year limited warranty. Availed RRFBs represent simplicity and reliability at their finest.


TraStar, Inc. manufactures LED products for the transportation industry. Under the DURALIGHT brand, products include LED traffic signal lamps, LED street luminaires, LED area lighting products, LED blank-out and lane control signs, and LED internally illuminated street name signs.

With over 20 years of experience, TraStar is an industry leader specializing in LED products and is committed to assuring customer satisfaction through stringent quality control of their manufacturing processes.TraStar is proudly a Texas-based company.

Multilink BBS, ITS Cabinets, and Fiber

Multilink is an end-to-end communications supplier for optical networking solutions providing a complete line of power supply modules designed, tested, and manufactured in northeast Ohio. In addition to power supply modules, Multilink offers various fiber-optic products such as patch & splice enclosures, cables, assemblies, optical splitters, and cabinets. Multilink also offers a large variety of fiber distribution hub cabinets and architectural raceway molding for your existing networks and future network infrastructures.

TOMAR Optical Preemption

Altitude Signal partners with TOMAR on their STROBECOM II product line. STROBECOM II is an Optical Preemption System designed and engineered to help emergency service professionals reach their destination quickly and safely. By communicating with the traffic control system located at each intersection, the approaching emergency vehicles are given a “green” light before entering the intersection, thus creating the ability to move through heavy traffic situations. STROBECOM II significantly increases the efficiency of the emergency response teams and allows them to reach their destinations safely with decreased response times. STROBECOM II systems come with optional confirmation lights to let responders know that their preemption has been recognized, reducing headaches, troubleshooting and increasing safety

STROBECOM II increases safety and convenience, providing a better quality of life for your community.

ATS Speed Display Signs

Since 1999, All Traffic Solutions has been an innovative leader in portable road sign technology. From portable radar speed displays and variable message signs designed to be smarter, more rugged and easier to maintain, to TraffiCloud – the first completely integrated cloud-based solution that allows users to remotely manage all their traffic safety equipment and data from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Pelco Signal Hardware

Pelco Products is the leading traffic and utility hardware manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Pelco is the industry standard for signal bracketing, clamps, poles, and bases, and Altitude Signal can help source any Pelco product. Check out Pelco's vast catalogues of equipment and let us know what you need!